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How to resist the anguish of the Perfect Marriage?

Fortunately, we see that there are still customers who are not being taken in by the price.

This choice can lead to a nightmare scenario.

An appreciation of the fair value is preferable to the low-costs practiced by desperate sellers.

A cost price is a stack of costs that you can request to compare each proposal.

Let's unite for a common project

Dance Ambience Sound Light Videowill be able to offer you the service in phase with your taste and your budget, thus guaranteeing you a perfect success of your wedding.

From traditional entertainment to prestigious receptions,Dance Ambience Sound Light Videowill be able to implement all the elements to guarantee you a successful reception.


Our only goal: to satisfy you and let you fully enjoy your guests.

From your cocktails, brunch, buffet the next day, we will be able to provide a complete service for your wedding

The animation of your wedding is an essential choice because it will give you a first idea of the general atmosphere of it.

The cocktail is the moment of conviviality par excellence; it allows you to enjoy all of your guests in complete relaxation.

Dinner is the pivotal moment of your wedding day because it makes the transition between the ceremonies, the cocktail and your dance party.

And then the party! the dance and the surprises will be imprinted in the memory of your guests and it is better that these memories are wonderful.

We have specially created the version"Prestige"for chic receptions that are mostly held in high places.

Since  2010, new solutions have been proposed to transform spaces, volumes and transcend you. 

Our positioning corresponds to a quality clientele seeking  serious service delivery  from a professional.

As the requests published by the event platforms are not qualitative,

we are not concerned that they are of no interest to us (read our report in more detail).

Our policy is and will remain qualitative with the desire to be serious and transparent,

which is very rare nowadays in our field frequented by many opportunists.

You are aware that the atmosphere will be  the key to the success of your reception.

Certainly you will not have the opportunity to reproduce this event  so soon.

You want to leave the best memory of this day to your guests, families and friends. 

Also, you consider  that 80% of this success will be based on the quality of your service provider.

To ensure the services of the service provider on which will rest this heavy responsibility,

what part of my budget should I devote to this item "atmosphere, decor. light, animation, video, lighting" ?

Any proportion kept 80% based / (x% of the budget).

You will find many testimonials from our customers and partners (their thanks).

and our achievements shot in certain places (our videos).

Endless Love (Wedding Songs) - Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross
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