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We can map any type of effect on any medium for any type of event.

Frescoes, facades, monuments, objects and show scenographies.

Receptions:show, vintage collection launch, nouvelle range, exhibition, wedding, sound and light.

Delirious!!!   What is videomapping?

Videomapping is still a pioneering and confidential sector, but it is becoming more and more dynamic.

We are registering more and more requests.

With Navy...

We couldn't resist the temptation of Mapping Video.

Also called luminous fresco  or illusionist projection, we offer   an added value to your events.

Driven byvideo jockeyslike DASLV, these gamesoptical illusioncan confuse the perception of surfaces and dress them in a spirit of luminous decoration of your place of reception.

Our customers are connoisseurs or tempted, even some imagine the possibilities and ask us for thematic creations on all backgrounds, objects, facades and pyrotechnic accompaniment.


For all your video work (filming, editing), your needs in animation, sound, lighting, your light atmospheres, your architectural decorations of professional quality with high-performance systems (DVJ Pro. Pioneer) and tools for dressing facades and monuments with the Concept Mapping Video and also the aquatic lighting, etc.
We offer the best in events with our service in the "Prestige" formula

Want a classy wedding? Tell us your requirements and  we will provide you with a personalized quote, free of charge.

Think Dance Ambiance Sound Light Video.

Midnight Blue - Kenny Burrel
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