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We perform on different types of events.

However, the strongest demand remains marriage.

We pay a lot of attention to reasoned consultations.

Midnight Blue - Kenny Burrel
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Bastion des Hospices de Beaune
Danse au Bastion Beaune

Atmosphere in the heart of the Bastion of the Hospices de Beaune.

Configuration in Prestige version with Light architectural decoration.

Dancefloor with visual animation by Veejay.

Use of Veejay techniques (DVJ Disc Video Jockey)

Distribution of Music Videos, Jingles, Lettering, Karaoke, Photos,

visualizer effects with Pioneer Pro SVM1000 mixer,

Captured in Videolive with Sony HDVR 7Ze camera.

Any customization with Videomapping HeavyM Live technique

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