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Our clients ask us to commit to an obligation of result, a point on which we subscribe,

contrary  to tendencies to be limited  only to an obligation of means.

We do not offer a product,   our goal is to provide you withemotions, senses, happiness, life...

Being a DJ cannot be improvised... and yet more and more newcomers...

Being recognized by my clients is a great satisfaction.

Being recognized by your peers is very flattering.

Many thanks to DJ Partner Club.

By choosing Danse Ambiance Sound Light Video,

you benefit from all the expertise of an event company
which offers you some of the most complete formulas for your receptions.
You are sure to be well accompanied to succeed in the animation and the atmosphere

key point of your event  with guarantees

that meet most of your needs.

Our approach is diametrically opposed to commonly proposed solutions .
Our audience recognizes our difference and our ability to create beauty.
He encourages us to persist with each performance.

You will have little chance of seeing us respond to published advertisements

through the different interfaces promising to introduce you

the best DJs in your area...  (read below...)

Our positioning.

This message is not very welcoming and we apologize for that, andn here is the reason:

You will have little chance of seeing us respond to advertisements published by the various interfaces.

promising to introduce you to  the best DJs in your area at the best price. 

Although in their directories

(Star Of Service, Devis Market, Le Memo, Events For All, My, I'm Looking For A DJ, and many others)

and sometimes without our knowledge, we do not lend ourselves to this device which has reached saturation and notQUALITATIVE.

72 reviews of What to Choose


The good Pros do not work at the prices that these platforms let you expect.

These flood our mailboxes and their emails go directly to the trash.

For the professional, any ad received is questionable!!!  and synonymous with waste of time and money. 

A certain number is fabricated from scratch to attract the service provider, knowing that access to contact details is subject to payment.

If exceptionally one of them is considered, there is a good chance that the contact attempts will fail:

Par telephone = messaging without follow-up,   and by email our messages pass into the oblivion of publishers.

Evaluation reminder = same… the system is  amorphous.

Rebroadcast of the announcement (most of the time the promised number of responses is not there). 

Redundant advertisements on several sites (copied / pasted) and paying to view contact details

We note  that the number of responses displayed (counter) is very low, which proves the discredit of this principle.


Wear of the system and need very poorly defined by the deposit grid.

This is obsolete and deliberately succinct to force the subscriber to debit credit (click) to arouse his curiosity.

Shedoes not take into consideration the reality of the technical offer only professionals  "real confirmed and leaders" 

can offer you new technologies and applications  because these are on a market

which allowed them to invest and to do technology watch.

We are sorry to have to deliver this message,  but few professionals  are in main activity

the one that is necessary to be with a volume of business allowing them to update and invest

as in all professions and businesses.
More than 80% are in secondary activity… and offer basic solutions.
You will understand that we are not selling a price but a service.
Our customers are very demanding and they do not take the circuits that we mention above.


with DASLV you will be reassured and you will be able to organize your reception in peace.

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