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The lightings so that they are dynamic and managed individually, by group or by zone require important means of control.

The effects vmust be dispersed into three families: scenic, dancefloor and architectural and controlled by a single light control.

The lights arranged in the room require the greatest caution and the optimization of transmissions using  HF (WiFi).

VOur service provider must be able to offer you a replacement for the room's original lighting with architectural lighting.

Originally these are frequently  in cold light without dimmer (all or nothing function) intended for banquet type receptions and not intimate.

We offer lighting for a very trendy modern and chic lounge ambiance .

An atmosphere combining comfort and design. Soft and hushed light, oscillating between elegance, zen and modern.

Emetteurs Récepteurs HF
Contrôleur DMX
Contrôleur DMX
Rack de contrôle des Lights
Rack de contrôle des Lights
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For a large number of lights we use

HF transmissions to reduce cabling.

Effects are controlled with traditional controllers and software such as Sunlite Suite or others.

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