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Dance Ambiance Sound Light Video

A little history

Danse Ambiance Sound Light (DASLV) was created in April 2008 by Gérard FAURE, an industrial engineer, including 19 years in the ALCATEL group.

Passionate about dance, music lover, audiophile with  a lot of interest in High Tech and IT since the origin of mainframe computers.

Many requests from Dance Schools have led him to organize events in the field of events (Gala and Show).

Highly sought after by a demanding clientele, DASLV has continued to evolve and specialize in the environment of performing arts and events. 

Today the proposed offer is aimed at a select clientele (CSP++).

Recognized in a wider field DASLV has acquired a solid experience to satisfy "high-end" reception organizations.

Its field of activity covers stage, dancefloor and architectural lighting decorations, as well as the natural spaces offered by gardens and plantations.

From the visual generation, DASLV has integrated new technologies to stand out with the Disc Video Jockey (videoclips) and videomapping.

In 2018, a new proposal with the Private Social Network (exchange and sharing) from Smartphone WiFi to the conceptSound Video Mixer Pioneer Pro. via une  Box Wifi secured by DASLV.

The objects are administered and broadcast on the big screen, according to the chosen configuration.

The files are stored and can be handed over, as appropriate, to the organizers of the event. 

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