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The Private Social Network

We offer a new attractiveness with a guaranteed global participation of your guests.

Moments made of surprises.

Dance Ambiance Sound Light Video integrates

the stand-alone WiFi "Ad'hoc communication" Box concept

in a private, closed and secure network.


Always on the lookout for new technologies and to maintain its leading position,

DASLV specializes, by investing to satisfy "top-of-the-range" services,

in the use of Videomapping and Videoclip.

Today its offer expands even more  in the visual with the social network.

Your network for a memorable day with the Blabber-Box

Your guests can post live photos, videos and comments on the screens.

But also launch live prints with the photobooth.



Chat your texts, shots and clips

DELICIOUS! Innovative exchanges with our own Video Management!


Be connected first to connect your creativity and fascinate those around you.

Compatible with Full Smartphones, our standalone WiFi Box communication concept

offers everyone the means to express themselves in a private network "Ad'hoc communication Blabber".


In a bouquet! The recovery of broadcast and stored data that you can download.

Stand out and innovate with DASLV.

Be the first to offer this activity in the region.

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